The introduction of the next generation sequencing techniques to the clinical environment allows glimpsing the transition towards a new medical paradigm aimed to maintain the citizen wellbeing that is based in four pillars: prediction, prevention, personalization and participation (P4 Medicine). However, due to the inexistence of a P4 Medicine initiative at governmental level, our healthcare professionals and researchers finds numerous barriers that are not able to demolish.

The objective of this meeting is to know about pioneer initiatives in other countries that will give our healthcare authorities a landscape of the benefits that the new medical model would bring, not only for the citizen but also to guarantee the sustainability of the system.





Event Presentation: Maribel Vilaplana, Journalist.
Welcome and Introduction: Teresa de Rojas, Directora General de Ordenación, Evaluación, Investigación, Calidad y Atención al Paciente, Consellería de Sanitat, Generalitat Valenciana.


Tom Fowler, PhD, director of public health at Genomics England will tell us about the genesis of the 100k Genome initiative announced by the Prime Minister David Cameron in December 2012 that has as main goal to sequence 100,000 patients suffering cancer, rare and infectious diseases in the framework of the National Healthcare System.


Towards image-guided surgery. Jean-Luc Dimarcq, PhD, Managing director of Strasbourg Institute of Image-Guided Surgery.


Coffee Break.


Clinical Research at Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Jesús Fernández Crespo, PhD, Research Evaluation and Promotion General Subdirector.


Data for Healthcare Transformation. Prof. Julio Mayol, Innovation director of Hospital Clínico San Carlos and co-director of M+Vision consortium.




Bioinformatics Infrastructures for Biomedical Data Analysis. Víctor de la Torre, PhD, INB General Coordinator (Instituto Nacional de Bioinformática).


Round table:

  • Francisco del Castillo, PhD. Scientific Manager, Translational Genomics Core, Ramón y Cajal Hospital
  • Juan Cruz Cigudosa, PhD. Chief Scientific Officer at NIMGenetics and President of the Spanish Association of Human Genetics
  • Javier García Pellejero, Chief Executive Officer at Bull España
  • María José Miranda, Chief Executive Officer at NetApp
  • Isabel Muñoz, PhD. Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe Director




28th October 2014




Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe
Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 3
Valencia - Spain