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Personal Protection System: the universal USB key for any workstation

PCs are often highly vulnerable to spy-ware, viruses, piracy, industrial espionage… To protect workstations and laptops against these threats, TrustWay® PPS encrypts the hard disk, provides secure storage keys and offers full VPN access.

Totally developed and manufactured by Bull in France, this new security architecture, with its embedded power source, offers complete encryption and key management functionality. A high-capacity flash disk memory enables secure encrypted mass storage with unrivalled performance and security.

An easy-to-use device

All cryptographic functions are performed exclusively on the key, not on the PC. The keys stored in the device are encrypted with a key structure generated inside the TrustWay PPS cryptographic power component. When the system powers up, users must first enter their PIN, using the built-in device, to activate the internal key structure: avoiding any possibility of it being intercepted by spy-ware

A universal USB key

TrustWay PPS key provides the PKCS#11 and MS-CAPI APIs, enabling it to be used as an individual cryptographic resource by any Windows 2000/XP or Linux application for:

  • File security
  • Encrypting a hard drive partition
  • Encrypted VoIP
  • Secure e-mail
  • Electronic signatures…

TrustWay PPS is also available with an encrypted flash disk memory (AES 256-bit) of either 1Gb or 2Gb. The TrustWay PPS key is supplied with TrustWay VPN Client IPSec and CrossCrypt software to:

  • Create 256-bit AES IPSec tunnels between a desktop or nomadic workstation and a protected network
  • Create an encrypted hard drive partition over Windows 2000/XP.

Find out more: download the TrustWay PPS spec sheet>

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